EVS2 Liquidity Staking

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The EVS2 Liquidity Staking is a way for the player to potentialize their gains inside the EVOVERSE platform.

By adding liquidity to PancakeSwap's EVS2-USDT liquidity pool, the player will receive CAKE-LP tokens that can be locked on our platform in exchange for daily EVS2 rewards.

DPR (Daily Percentage Rate) - Daily return in simple interest MPR (Monthly Percentage Rate) - Monthly return in simple interest APR (Annual Percentage Rate) - Annual return in simple interest APY (Annual Percentage Yield) - Annual return in compound interest, considering the reinvestment of income made daily

Stake Operation

EVS2 will be distributed daily at 00:00 UTC according to the EVS2 Distribution table, where Pool Range (USDT) is the total amount of USDT tokens in liquidity in the EVS2-USDT liquidity pool.

CAKE-LP tokens deposited in Stake will be locked for 180 days and the daily reward can be collected daily 15 minutes after the cycle closes at 00:15 UTC.

The amount of EVS2 received by each player is directly proportional to their CAKE-LP Staken percentage relative to the CAKE-LP Global Pool.

Example: A player with 10 CAKE-LP in stake on a day when the CAKE-LP Global Pool was 1000 and the Pool Range was 100k-250k , will receive 2000x10/1000 = 20 EVS2.

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