Guide: Step by step to your first Expedition!

Use this guide to do well on your first expedition. It's practical and fast, but if you want more detailed information, check the official documentation of the expeditions.

Step 1:


Step 2:

First, select the SPACESHIP you intend to use int the expedition by clicking on one of the cards:

Step 3:

If you have Epic or Legendary PODs you can attach them to the spaceship by clicking on Edit Ship:

Select the PODs you want to attach to the spaceship and click OK:

Step 4:

Select the target PLANET for the expedition:

Step 5:

Check the trip data and the success percentage. When everything is ok, click on Start Expedition and then on Confirm:

Step 6:

Track the progress of your Expedition and wait for the result:

Step 7:

Check your earnings on Game Wallet in the Side Menu:

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