Extracting EVOs from POD

The Time Has Come!

M4ST3R EVO, leader of the EVO exploration fleet, has sent a signal to all the PODs: the next phase of intergalactic discovery must begin immediately! Now the artificial intelligence will be able to leave behind their mining bodies to assume advanced EVO form, ready to battle and seek the secrets of their creation throughout all corners of the universe!

Extraction Operation:

All Epic and Legendary PODs will be able to generate an EVO! After the EVO extraction, the player will have an EVO and an empty POD Shell, if the POD has been upgraded, this shell will be used for mining. Software Upgrades can also be done after EVO Extraction

Extracted EVO Rules:

Normal PODs:

  • 1 Star: Totally random

  • 2 - 3 Stars: Two parts of the same class

  • 4 - 5 Stars: Three parts of the same class

  • 6 Stars: Pure of the same program

Genesis Pods:

  • Always pure from the same program

  • EVOs originating from genesis PODs can replicate 3 times more than normal PODs

  • The genesis trait cannot be inherited

Extracting the EVO

In the EVO extraction screen, the player should select which POD to extract the EVO from and confirm the extraction:

EVO Reroll

After receiving your EVO, if the player so chooses, it's possible to Reroll it so that its genetic traits are regenerated, following the same rule as before according to the POD that originated it.

The player can do as many Rerolls as desired, paying a fee in EPW2 and EVS2 for each time it is done.

The EVO Reroll is only available for EVOs resulting from POD extraction and can only be done for a few hours, after that the resulting EVO is final.

POD Shells

After extracting the EVOs, the POD shells will have a different picture and the extraction button will be disabled, the other POD features will continue to work as usual

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