Survival Mode

Play completely free daily and get a chance to win EPW2 by qualifying in the top 200!

In Survival Mode, players will face waves of increasingly stronger enemies with the aim of defeating as many of them as possible, accumulating points until they are defeated or their time runs out.

At the end of each match, the player will be classified in the rankings according to their performance, taking into account factors such as points earned, number of surviving EVOs and cards used.

Daily Ranking

Every day at 20:00 (Brasília time) the ranking will be reset and the sequence of enemies to be defeated is changed, providing players with a completely different experience every day.

This way, we will have the classification with the best players defined daily after all matches started until 20:00 are finished.

Ranking Awards

Prizes are distributed every day to the best players in the ranking, below is the current prize pool:


5.000 EPW2

4.000 EPW2

3.000 EPW2

2.400 EPW2

2.000 EPW2


1.600 EPW2


1.200 EPW2


800 EPW2


500 EPW2


250 EPW2

Survival Mode Rules

For each match played, the player will spend 1 (one) Survival Ticket which is purchased in the "workshop" tab of the farming website, tickets are currently FREE.

Players get points and time bonuses by defeating enemies. The player who obtains the highest score in a single Survival Mode match wins.

In case of players with equal scores, the tiebreaker criteria, in order, are:

  • Greater number of surviving EVOs;

  • Fewer cards used;

  • Shorter start time of the match.

Only the game with the highest score for each player will be considered for the ranking.

It is important that you read the TOURNAMENT REGULATIONS and are aware of all the rules.

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