Planets Sale

The sale of the ORION-TY-01 PLANET concession will take place on October 28th, 2022, opening at UTC 15:00 and will close on October 30th, 2022, at UTC 01:00


EVOVERSE's vast universe begins with ten (10) known planets, each with its own peculiarities and diverse types of creatures, ore, climate and gravitational conditions.

Players from all over the universe can assemble their team of EVOs to battle in extreme situations and collect ore that can be used to craft a wide variety of items and equipment to improve their team!

Extracting Ore from Planets

By recharging your EVOs with EPWs, you can face the monsters that inhabit the planets and if you defeat them, you will be able to collect the ore available at that location.

In Adventure mode (PvE) you can play in exchange for ORE or offer EPW rewards for other players to collect ore for you.

Earn Royalties by Owning the Concession to Explore the Planets!

Every time a player explores a planet and collects ore from it, the concession owners of that planet will receive EPW and a fraction of the ORE that have been collected.

To allow everyone to be able to own a part of the Planet, all players will be able to buy an amount in BUSD according to their desire and receive the percentage of the concession equivalent to their percentage of the total sold.


Player 1 buys 50 BUSD of the planet, player 2 buys 400 BUSD and player 3 buys 550 BUSD. We will have a total sold of 1000 BUSD and therefore player 1 will hold 5%, player 2 40% and player 3 55%.


The first and one of the most important of all planets!

Orion-TY-01 is where players begin, the gateway to our Universe. There you will find the ORE needed to produce important in-game ITEMS that will be essential at the beginning of your journey.

Exploration Concession Contract

The Exploration Concession Contract has a duration of 10 (ten) months and gives you the right to 5% (five percent) of all ORE that is produced and 10 (ten) EPWs per game of ore exploration carried out in Orion-TY-01.

Immediate Benefits

Owners of Planet Orion-TY-01 will also be able to receive other benefits that will go into effect until November 14th, 2022.

These benefits depend on how much you buy of the Planet. Below you can check the detailed table of benefits for each amount in BUSD.

Minimum valueBenefit

100 BUSD

Produce Hex Toolkits on POD replication instead of Common Toolkits

250 BUSD

10% more chance on all Expeditions

500 BUSD

20% more Galactic Ranking points for any action taken

1000 BUSD

2x multiply factor for EKEYs while using EPW staking

2000 BUSD

20% bonus on your purchase amount on the next planet

You can buy any amount starting at 30 BUSD.

The benefits are cumulative, when you reach a benefit you also get all the previous ones.

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