Guide: Evolving your POD's Hashpower

Step 1:

Go to your INVENTORY and click on the POD you wish to evolve the Hash power (Stars). Only Epic or Legendary PODs can have their Hash power upgraded.

Step 2:

This screen will appear. Click on Upgrade POD.

"Only PODs that are not mining can be evolved. To evolve PODs that are already mining, you must wait for the mining cycle to end and not reload them."

Step 3:

Now, you must choose the PODs that will be dismantled (burned) to evolve the Hash power of the chosen POD. Epics and Legendaries require different amounts of PODs and EPW2 to perform the process. Click here to see the requirements table.

Step 4:

Notice that the first requirement is showing a RED OUTLINE, as it has not reached the required amount of selected PODs. Click on the POD with the red outline, select the PODs that will be disassembled and click on "CONFIRM".

Step 5:

Once the requirements are complete, all the outlines will turn green. Click the "Upgrade" button.

Step 6:

Check the process data. If everything is correct, click "CONFIRM".

That's it!

When this screen appears, everything went correctly. Congratulations, your POD is evolved!


This Star Upgrade tool for the Epic and Legendary PODs will be available from 01/13/2022 at 8pm Brasilia time (UTC Time 23:00).

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