Boost of PODs

Boost of PODs brings the possibility to double the Hash Power of your Epic or Legendary POD for a period of time.

In order to do the boost, an amount of EPW2 is required:




28 days



28 days

Boost has a duration of 28 days. After that time, the POD returns to its original Hash Power, but you can Boost it again if you wish.


In inventory, click on the POD that you wish to increase the mining power and click Boost POD.

Now confirm the operation data and click Confirm.

There you go, now your POD will have doubled its Hash Power!

Important Considerations

The POD will lose its Boost if: it is put up for sale; if a POD is Fused or Upgraded

Boosted PODs can make Expeditions normally without losing the effect

PODs that are in expedition Cooldown can receive the Boost

PODs that are mining at the moment CAN NOT be Boosted

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