Roadmap 2024

1st Quarter (Q1)

Currency Transition: Switching from BUSD to USDT. All transactions will now be carried out in USDT.

PvP Update: Release of a new version of Player versus Player.

Server Restructuring: Optimization of server infrastructure to improve performance and increase operational efficiency.

Economic Adjustment: Adjustments to fees and prizes for a better economic balance of the game.

WHITEPAPER Review: Complete update of WHITEPAPER to reflect new guidelines, strategies and innovations for 2024.

2st Quarter (Q2)

AIRDROP EVOVERSE: Start of AIRDROP to engage and reward players. New Liquidity on Pancake Swap: Launch of liquidity for EVS2 and EPW2.

Player Dashboard: Reactivation of the control panel (Dashboard) for players, after a period of maintenance and improvements.

FARMING POOL Update: New daily limit of 100,000 EPW2, with periodic rebalancing as needed.

SURVIVAL and PvP Card Game Update: Launch of new versions for a better experience.

3st Quarter (Q3)

Improvements to the Rank System: Updates and improvements to the championship ranking system.

Economic Readjustment: New adjustments in rates and bonuses to maintain economic balance.

SURVIVAL and PvP Card Game Updates: New versions of games to improve gameplay.

Launch of CRYPTO BEAST KILLER BOXES: Introduction of exclusive boxes for CRYPTO BEAST KILLER, the latest game to integrate the EVOVERSE platform, offering top-notch gameplay with prizes for winners in EPW2 and/or EVS2.

4st Quarter (Q4)

Launch of CRYPTO BEAST KILLER: The new game will be available on the EVOVERSE platform.

Registration for the Launch of Third Party Games: Opening for registrations from external developers on the EVOVERSE PLATFORM.

SURVIVAL and PvP Card Game Updates: New versions with continuous improvements.

Important note:

This Roadmap is subject to change depending on the development and needs of the community and economy of each game within the platform. Stay tuned for regular updates and thanks for being part of the EVOVERSE journey!

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