Software Update

As of 04/10/2022 (UTC 00:00) Epic and Legendary PODs will stop mining and need a Software Update to continue mining. This Software Update, in addition to allowing the POD to return to mining, will also multiply the Base Hash Power of that POD by 2x.

Software Update Cost

Legendary PODs: 10.000 EPW2 e 100 EVS2; Epic PODs: 6.000 EPW2 e 60 EVS2.

Updating the Software

To update the software just go to your inventory and select the asleep POD you want to update:

Click on Update Software:

Remember having the required EPW2 and EVS2 in your game Wallet and confirm the operation:

Now your POD is Updated and with double the Hash Power it had before, ready to farm a lot more EPW2 in mining!

PODs that do not Update Software will not be able to mine

Merging PODs will only work between PODs in the same situation, using 4 updated PODs to receive an updated POD or 4 dormant PODs to receive a dormant POD

All other POD functions continue to work normally

Legendary PODs Update gives 500 points and Epic PODs update gives 300 points in the ranking

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