The Golden Raffle is a way to give great rewards for those who lock our tokens EPW or EVS. The draw will take place at 22:00 UTC 11/30/2022 and will feature 5 prizes, respectively:

To participate, you will not spend any tokens, in fact, the player will lock the EPW or EVS he has in his game wallet and get it back on 00:00 UTC 11/30/2022. For each 1000 EPW or 20 EVS the player lock he will receive one ticket and a player will be able to get multiple tickets at once in the following quantities: 1, 5, 10, or 20. These tickets can be acquired anytime before the deadline in 23:59 UTC 08/31/2022. There is no limit to the number of tickets that can be acquired per wallet for this raffle. This means the more tickets acquired, the greater the chance of winning a prize.

Earn tickets by inviting friends to the Golden Raffle! Each person has their own invite link and you can find yours on your profile page, for each ticket bought by your invited friends you will get 0,2 tickets.

Each person can only win 1 (one) prize.

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