In the future, robots knew they existed and thought, but that was all. They live in a reality where they are divided between where they came from and where they are going. While some look to the future trying to develop and evolve, others are in constant conflict in the fight for resources and upgrades. They travel and explore planets using their ships, facing enemies, adversity and discovering the origin of their existence.


Players will be able to buy and/or conquer planets and, within them, build structures and populations of EVOs, enjoy resources and advantages that allow them to earn much more cryptocurrency.


They are the means of transport for EVOs in the universe. They can upgrade their ships to be faster and more lethal. Ships can be supplied with different types of fuel and weapons.


Players will be able to build structures on their planets that allow them to collect resources and extract valuable materials. Exploration can be done with machines and equipment that extract resources even faster.


The collection is part of the EVOs’ lost treasure. By putting together the collection’s fragments, the player receives benefits and rare items. Fragments can be found in and out of the game and all are NFTs of different types.

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