Liquidity Pools and much more

Attention, intergalactic EVOVERSE community! We have important news to share with you.

EPW and EVS token liquidity pools will be taking a short break, but don't worry, it's temporary! We are working hard behind the scenes to bring an even more exciting experience to all players. With the values โ€‹โ€‹allocated there, we will pay attention to finishing the game in PvP mode (Player versus Player) and, in Q3, we will bring epic battles.

Get ready to show off your strategic skills and dominate the galaxy like never before. For this, Survival tickets will be free. And there's more! At the end of this period, we will also re-add the same BUSD amounts in liquidity. It's time to secure your position and make the most of every opportunity EVOVERSE has to offer.

For technical reasons, the EPW contract had to be paused, but in the future we will exchange the EPWs for another equivalent currency with the same functionality.

You must be eager to know about the Galactic Ranking and Survival retroactives, isn't it? They will be paid again at the end of this period.

EVS staking will be locked for another 6 months (beyond the forecast), but don't worry, you'll have a guaranteed gain of 5% per month in EVS!

And another piece of good news: the cost of EVO Extraction will stop increasing! Let's set it at 7000 EPW and 360 EVS!

Oh, and here's a special announcement: after a lot of hard work, we've resolved all issues with tickets stuck in support. No stress or worries! Our team is here to ensure that you have the best experience at EVOVERSE, and it goes without saying that this is what moves us!

We are committed to keeping everyone informed on a weekly basis with the progress and status of the game. Stay tuned to Dashboard Online and our Discord Announcements channel for all updates and news.

And finally, the EVOVERSE team is working hard to establish the new Roadmap and, as soon as it is defined, we will inform everyone.

In addition, all other features of the game, including Farming, are working normally!

So get ready for exciting battles and lots of fun. Together, we will continue writing the history of EVOVERSE, now in this next step that qualifies us even more for our biggest goals!

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