Guide: Pre-Alpha Instructions

How to download the game

The DOWNLOAD GAME button will be available on the farming page. You need to be logged into the Evoverse platform.

Once downloaded, just install and play.

Game Tutorial

After you have downloaded and installed it, enter the game and login with your Username and Password for farming:

In the Lobby you will see your default team and some buttons to interact with:

My Evo's button shows the available EVOs and their features and attributes. In this version, 9 Genesis EVOs are available:

The My Teams button shows your teams and you can change them or change the position of your EVOs on the battlefield:

To play the battles, click on the Adventure button in the main Lobby. In this version, only 1 planet is available with 12 stages (all of them released):

Now try to defeat as many enemies as possible!

Important Information

Some features of the game are currently unavailable

In the phase selection screen, you can also access your team's settings

During the battle you can access some settings by clicking on the gear in the upper right corner of the screen

The effects of buffs and debuffs are NOT being applied at the current stage of the game, even though they are described on the cards

To report a bug, press F9 from any screen in the game

Game Disclaimer

Do not pass on your information to third parties. This may compromise your account and the security of your data.

Disclaimer for content sharing

You are free to share images and videos about our pre-Alpha publicly but there are some details that need to be informed:

1 - We ask that you let your audience know what your relationship with Evoverse is, it is important to us that everyone shows transparency;

2 - It is important that you tell your audience that this Pre-Alpha is a work in progress of the game, so we will have bugs, effects still not working properly, balancing still to be done and possibly other problems that will not exist when the game is ready;

3 - Help us send your audience directly to our website ( or official channels on Discord, Telegram and other social networks. There are many scams and we want to avoid anyone going to some malicious site or buying some scam token.

Tutorial Video

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