Guide: Step by step on how to buy your Toolkits and start mining

1- If you have made it this far, it means you already have your Metamask wallet connected. Now, all you need to do is buy our reward currency, EPW2, and add it to your Metamask.

2- Each Toolkit costs 500 EPW2 and you can buy a maximum of 20 Toolkits per connected Metamask wallet.

3- It is important that you also have EPW2 to pay the mining fees, so set aside at least 5 EPW2 per Toolkits, per day, so you can pay these fees for the first 15 days of mining.

4- When you make your EPW2 DEPOSIT into EVOVERSE Farming, you will also need BNB to pay the METAMASK transfer fee, so be aware of that as well.

5- Once you have made your DEPOSIT and your EVOVERSE account already has a balance, you just need to buy your Toolkits, limited to 20, remember?

6- Now that you have bought your Toolkits, open each one and find out which PODs and RARITIES you got. The higher the RARITY, the more Hash Power you get, and more Hash Power means you get more EPW2.

7- Check out the PODs that are part of your team in the INVENTORY and put them to mine right now. To do this, click on MINING LAB and then on RECHARGE ALL PODs.

From there, just wait for the end of mining, which happens every day at 9pm BRT time zone (UTC Time 0:00) and check how many EPW2 your PODs have managed to mine.

Keep an eye on the CLAIM rates. You can withdraw every 15 days with ZERO CLAIM fees, but if you choose to withdraw earlier, the fees are high, remember this before you withdraw.

Good luck and success!


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