Step 5: Loading the PODs

You are now ready to mine cryptocurrencies (EPW)*, however, you need to give your POD some power, that is, charge it.

PODs need to be powered up from time to time. To charge a POD simply click on the RECHARGE button and within a few minutes it will be 100% charged. Once it is fully charged, your POD is ready for action, that is, it starts mining and will do so for 24 hours. For sure it will find coins for you, but to keep it working, go back after 24 hours and put it to work again, and so on!

If you don't go back to put your PODs to charge again, you will stop earning EPW which is the reward currency in the game that is worth money in real life.

In a world where those who have information dominate the situation, you have already come out ahead, congratulations! With the step by step assimilated, the EVOVERSE is ready to receive you and you are ready to start!

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