The raffles are a way for the EVOVERSE universe to offer gifts to its players. Buy your tickets and enter the raffles for several prizes.

To enter the raffles, players must buy one or more tickets. The drawings will take place once a week on Wednesdays at 18:00 BRT / 21:00 UTC.

Each ticket costs 100 EPW2 and a player may purchase multiple tickets at once in the following quantities: 1, 5, 10, or 20. A player may not purchase tickets to enter a raffle other than the next immediate one. These tickets can be purchased at any time prior to the close of the raffle.

There is no limit to the number of tickets that can be purchased per wallet for each raffle. This means the more tickets purchased, the greater the chance of winning a prize.

Each drawing will feature 30 prizes; respectively:

Award in EPW2NFT Prize

10,000 EPW2

Ship - Tier 5

9,000 EPW2

Ship - Tier 4

8,000 EPW2

Ship - Tier 3

7,000 EPW2

Ship - Tier 2

6,000 EPW2

Ship - Tier 1

5,000 EPW2

5 - Toolkits

4,500 EPW2

4 - Toolkits

4,000 EPW2

3 - Toolkits

3,500 EPW2

2 - Toolkits


3,000 EPW2

1 - Toolkits


2,500 EPW2


2,000 EPW2


1,500 EPW2


1,000 EPW2


500 EPW2


Ticket - next rafffle


Ticket - next rafffle


Ticket - next rafffle


Ticket - next rafffle


Ticket - next rafffle


Ticket - next rafffle


Ticket - next rafffle


Ticket - next rafffle


Ticket - next rafffle


Ticket - next rafffle


Ticket - next rafffle


Ticket - next rafffle


Ticket - next rafffle


Ticket - next rafffle


Ticket - next rafffle

📌The prizes may be different each week, to find out the correct prizes for the week you will be entering, check the online page of the RAFFLE in your Player Center.

How to enter the raffles

On the EVOVERSE homepage, click on RAFFLES to enter the raffles page.

On the RAFFLES screen, you can see the time remaining until the next drawing and the prizes.

You can also buy tickets to enter.

Buy as many tickets as you want and get ready to compete for a variety of prizes!

The same player cannot receive more than one prize per raffle.

Each ticket purchased also gives you two points for the ranking system.

A list of past winners from the last raffle will be available on the Raffles interface.

The winners of the last raffle will be presented in the following format:

a. login, if the user has signed up in the *profile*.

b. The last 4 digits of the wallet, if the user is not registered in the profile.

The prize for each raffle can be given up to one day after the results have been verified.

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