Genesis Toolkits Pre-Sale

Genesis Toolkits are the incubators of PODs. They can only be purchased on the first sale, these Genesis Toolkits bring a POD to life. If this POD is of Epic or Legendary rarity, these rare PODs will evolve in the future into an EVO Genesis, which has unique properties that will benefit you in the game and will be sold on the market at extremely high values.

Right after the purchase, the player can immediately open their Genesis Toolkits and start mining to earn crypto.

100,000 Genesis Toolkits will be sold for BUSD 100.00 each one (each connected wallet can a buy maximum of 20 Genesis Toolkits).

Chance of PODs rarity of the Genesis Toolkits:

  • 72% Common

  • 24% Rare

  • 3% Epic

  • 1% Legendary

After this pre-sale, Common Toolkits will be sold only for the EPW reward currency - each Common Toolkit will be sold for 500 EPW (each connected wallet will be able to buy a maximum of 20 Common Toolkits).

90% of the EPW from the sale of the Common Toolkits will be burned and 10% will go to the development team.

How to buy:

Available on pre-sale through the website. Or, after the pre-sale, only direct with players who have purchased Toolkits and made them available for sale without being opened.

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