POD Fusion

POD Fusion and Rarity Evolution Rules

You opened a Toolkit and got a COMMON rarity POD? But you wish you had gotten an Epic or Legendary one, right? With this in mind, EVOVERSE having understood your wish created the tool for the FUSION OF PODs, with it you can FUSE your PODs and generate a NEW POD with the rarity you want.

It's all very simple, the tool is very easy to use! You will be able to make the FUSION of your COMMON PODs to generate one or more RARE rarity PODs, after that, if you wish, you can also make new FUSIONS to get EPIC PODs and, in the same way, make FUSIONS until you get LEGENDARY rarity PODs.

Attention though! Note the basic requirements (see table below) and be aware of the financial costs in EPW2 and PODs that you will have to FUSE your PODs in order to get the NEW PODs with the rarity you want.

Pay close attention and only make FUSIONS if you are 100% sure that is what you want and you are aware of how much the FUSIONS will cost you, because once the FUSION is confirmed, there is no turning back! In other words, the FUSION cannot be undone!

Table of POD FUSION:

Cost (EPW2)CommonRareEpicLegendary


2 (burn)

1 (result)


3 (burn)

1 (result)


3 (burn)

1 (result)

To be able to FUSE COMMON PODs to a RARE POD you need: 500 EPW2 + 2(two) Common PODs = 1 RARE POD

To get to FUSE RARE PODs to an EPIC POD you need: 1500 EPW2 + 3(three) RARE PODs = 1 EPIC POD.

To get to FUSE EPIC PODs for a LEGENDARY POD you need: 3000 EPW2 + 3(three) EPIC PODs = 1 LEGENDARY POD.

ATTENTION: Besides the 3(three) PODs that will be burned, you need 1 more POD for the FUSION.


Only PODs of 1 (one) STAR can be fused, the Hash Power of the NEW POD will be calculated by the system which will deliver a Hash Power appropriate to the total Hash Power of the PODs you used to fuse, example:

POD 1: Hash Power 2.8 POD 2: Hash Power 3,1 POD 3: Hash Power 3,6

Total sum of the Hash Powers of the PODs to be fused: 9,5 (nine and a half) (2,8 + 3,1 + 3,6 = 9,5)

With this value of 9,5 (nine and a half) your NEW RARE 1(one) Star POD will have a Hash Power of: 9,33 (nine and thirty-three).

The same rule is followed in FUSIONS from RARE to EPIC and from EPIC to LEGENDARY.

IMPORTANT: increase the STARS of your EPIC and LEGENDARY PODs to increase your Hash Power as well, this is crucial for you to significantly reduce your ROI of the PODs you FUSED.

For sure this new feature can and will collaborate with many players. After all, it allows anyone who got a COMMON POD, to FUSE to a POD of higher rarity. The FUSION OF PODs was designed for these players. So, everyone can now access the most desired PODs and have even more performance in mining, generating more gains in EPW2 and advantages in the future within the game.


To learn how to increase the Hashpower of your PODs, click here.

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