Game Guide: EVOVERSE chewed up for you!

The EVOVERSE game is under development and its release is divided into stages. The first stage called FARMING is now ready, which is the MINI GAME where you start mining and earning EPW2, the game's reward currency. The FARMING is already available on pre-sale.

The full game is under development, but as each stage is getting ready, we will release it for you. In the game is where the battles and more gains in EPW2 will occur from this fictional universe of robots warring, exploring, competing and of course, with the FARMING going on too.

In this tutorial, we will focus on how you start from scratch, effectively. We've chewed it all up so there won't be any doubts and you can fall right in safely in the FARMING and in the EPW2 earnings that you exchange for real money to use in real life.

So don't waste any time! Follow this step by step immediately and get ready not to miss out on the pre-sale that will happen any time now. If you DON'T prepare yourself and DON'T leave everything ready, you run the risk of missing the initial sale and miss the great chance to be one of the first to enter the EVOVERSE world paying little and being able to profit much more.

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