Updates January 2024

The current moment in the cryptogames market is in full swing, as most already know. We have an excellent opportunity to resume growth with EVOVERSE, as we are committed to creating an approach that takes the game economy to a sustainable level. Our goal is to continue developing quality and fun games that can serve as a viable way to earn cryptocurrencies of significant value on the market. This has always been the purpose of EVOVERSE!

Now, it is crucial to focus on what is necessary and position the game to capture a share of this market by taking advantage of the good moment. Therefore, some measures will be taken immediately, and others will follow soon. Here are the actions we will implement:

1- We will not make changes to Assets (Pods, EVOs, Ships, Planets, etc.), with the exception of Keys;

2- We will reduce Farming earnings to make EPW more scarce;

3- We will launch EPW2 and EVS2 with initially limited liquidity on PANCAKE, as before. The value of the coins will be released next week. This will provide our coin with a return to market value and listing on cryptocurrency websites. We will release withdrawals of game currencies according to the Liquidity POOL that will be formed, aiming to avoid the devaluation of currencies and the POOL;

4- We will adjust all game numbers, including update rates, EVOs extraction, Star Upgrade, etc., according to the numbers adjusted in the economy;

5- We will exchange BUSD for USDT;

6- We will update the entire Whitepaper and the EVOVERSE website;

7- We will begin advertising partnerships in Brazil and other countries, focusing on work that was already being structured for Asia. All partnerships will be remunerated according to production and game currencies;

8- We will release the new version of the game immediately after the above improvements. This new version will include battles with EPW recharge, where the winner will receive the prize announced in EPW in the battle itself;

9- We will maintain the Daily SURVIVAL with gains in EPW;

10- We hope to adjust and implement all the above measures, including the game, in two weeks;

11- The main focus will be on continuous improvement of the game, so that we can have a fun and improved version. We will also resume the development of a mobile game, which will soon be announced;

12- Our objective is to resume payment of outstanding prizes as soon as we generate sufficient revenue.

Next week, we will report on current EVS, EPW and KEY balances as we finalize this planning. We anticipate that new improvements and updates will be announced soon, but for now, the focus is on implementing the actions listed above.

We count on everyone's collaboration!

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