EVS Liquidity Staking

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The EVS Liquidity Staking is a way for the player to potentialize their gains inside the EVOVERSE platform. By adding liquidity to PancakeSwap's EVS-BUSD liquidity pool, the player will receive CAKE-LP tokens that can be locked on our platform in exchange for daily EVS rewards.
DPR (Daily Percentage Rate) - Daily return in simple interest MPR (Monthly Percentage Rate) - Monthly return in simple interest APR (Annual Percentage Rate) - Annual return in simple interest APY (Annual Percentage Yield) - Annual return in compound interest, considering the reinvestment of income made daily

Stake Operation

EVS will be distributed daily at 00:00 UTC according to the EVS Distribution table, where Pool Range (BUSD) is the total amount of BUSD tokens in liquidity in the EVS-BUSD liquidity pool.
CAKE-LP tokens deposited in Stake will be locked for 180 days and the daily reward can be collected daily 15 minutes after the cycle closes at 00:15 UTC.
The amount of EVS received by each player is directly proportional to their CAKE-LP Staken percentage relative to the CAKE-LP Global Pool.
A player with 10 CAKE-LP in stake on a day when the CAKE-LP Global Pool was 1000 and the Pool Range was 100k-250k , will receive 2000x10/1000 = 20 EVS.

Step by Step to generate the CAKE-LP token:

Acess the Liquidity part of PancakeSwap by clicking here
After connecting your wallet to the website, click on Add Liquidity
Select BUSD and EVS if you want to add liquidity with both tokens or select EVS only if you want to add liquidity with EVS only.
Define the EVS value to be used and the BUSD value will be adjusted automatically, if your BUSD balance is insufficient or you want to use only EVS, when adding liquidity, a conversion of EVS into BUSD will be carried out automatically in part of the EVS as needed.
It is not possible to add liquidity only with BUSD due to the fee in the EVS contract, in this case the user must buy at least half of his BUSD value in EVS first and then add liquidity using both tokens.
Once this is done, press Supply:
Check the transaction data, press Confirm Supply and accept the transaction in your wallet.
If you want to add the CAKE-LP token to be viewed in your wallet (optional), just import it using the token contract address: 0x4dD4A444AE9E6B869bc1904b9BD98C008325A473
Now just click on Stake EVS on our Staking EVS page and add the CAKE-LP you want.
In addition to the rewards provided by Evoverse, the user also receives returns on fees charged on all trades carried out in PancakeSwap's EVS-BUSD pool.
By providing liquidity to a pool of liquidity the user is subject to impermanent loss.