POD Replication

Since the sale of common Toolkits has ceased, POD Replication becomes the main way to acquire Toolkits in the EVOVERSE universe. How does it work? It's very simple! All you need is 2(two) PODs with rarity above COMMON, pay a cost in EPW plus EVS and voilà, you have generated a new Hex Toolkit.


The cost fee for Replication is 400 EPW + 5 EVS until 05/18 (the original cost is 400 EPW + 10 EVS)
This rate is a one-time fee for every Replication and can be changed at any time to balance the game economy.


After a Replication, the PODs enter a Cooldown (waiting time) that varies according to their rarity. After that time is up, those PODs can replicate again. There is no replication limit.
1 week
Epic 1-2 Stars
48 hours
Epic 3-5 Stars
36 hours
Epic 6 Stars
24 hours
Legendary 1-2 Stars
24 hours
Legendary 3-5 Stars
18 hours
Legendary 6 Stars
12 hours
Genesis PODs decrease the Cooldown by half the time.

Making the Replication

In your inventory, click on a POD and then on Replicate POD.
Select 2 (two) PODs, with rarity above Common, and click Confirm.
Click on Replicate, check the operation data, and Confirm.
Congratulations! You have just purchased a new Hex Toolkit!

Important Considerations

PODs in Cooldown can mine or go on expeditions as usual.
PODs in Cooldown can make upgrades or fusions.
PODs in Cooldown can't be placed in the Marketplace.